What does the strength of the US dollar have to do with me?

Why should I bother to diversify?

Are we headed for a Great Depression?

After all this, will I be able to retire?

What is the Three Pools of Money concept you refer to?

I work for a large company and lost my job

I’m retired. How does the CARES act affect me?

Key Financial Client Event Fall 2019

Forbes Shook Top Advisor Summit 2019

CEO Patti Brennan shares top insights at the Forbes Shook Top Advisor Summit.

The Patti Brennan Show with Special Guest Dr. Joe Coughlin

Barron’s UK Summit – London 2019

Patti’s Why

President and CEO Patti Brennan shares the defining moment that transformed her work, her life, and herself.

Patti Brennan Appears on Asset TVs ‘Alpha Female’ with Sarah Makuta

As one of the leading female advisors in finance, Patti Brennan appears on Asset TVs ‘Alpha Female’ with Sarah Makuta. The two discuss the dynamics of women investing, advancements through technology and empowerment through education.

“Mother to Daughter” Interview with Patti Brennan

Patti Brennan sits down with her daughter Carrie to reflect back on the challenges of simultaneously raising a family while growing a business. Right in time for Mother’s Day, it is an honest and beautiful conversation between a mother and her daughter.

CEO For The Day

Recently, our team at Key Financial hosted our first ever “CEO for the Day”, where a local 12 year old was given the opportunity to shadow our President & CEO, Patti Brennan. The idea first came to Brennan after meeting Wyatt through a special program hosted by the West Chester YMCA called Believe and Achieve. As word spread about CEO for the Day, Investment News took the opportunity to feature our story on the first episode of the series “The Secret Life of a Financial Advisor”.